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Save when traveling, dining, shopping or simply having fun.

More than 125 000 benefits across the world are waiting for you!

ISIC The only globally recognized Student ID.

Are you a student at school, college or university and aged 12 and above? You can apply for your student card now! Your ISIC, International Student Identity Card, provides you with access to over 125.000 benefits locations worldwide! Buy card online

ITIC The only globally recognized Teacher ID. If you’re working as a teacher or professor, you can enjoy teacher discounts with the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC). The teacher card is an internationally recognised ID offering numerous discounts in the UAE and abroad. Buy card online
IYTC The only card for Youth under 30 years. Not a student anymore? If you are 30 years old or younger you are eligible for an International Youth Travel card (IYTC). You are still part of the ISIC global community and can take advantage of thousands of similar benefits. Buy card online

How to apply?

It’s easy!
You can apply online with your notebook or simply using your smart phone.
Click on the “BUY" button below and follow the instructions.

All you need is:

  • to fill up the online application,
  • a scanned copy of your Emirates ID or passport,
  • a scanned passport-size picture,
  • a scanned copy of a document that proves your valid student status (i.e. your current student card, your letter of enrollment).

How much does it cost?

You can purchase the ISIC/ITIC/ITYC cards for only 130 AED including delivery.

How long is the card valid for?

The ISIC/ITIC/IYTC cards have a standard validity of 16 months: from September until December the following year.

Be Smart – Get your own card and start saving!

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