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Education First

How about a special student experience?
Get a year abroad and study your favorite language, meet people, make new friendships and learn something new!

With ISIC and Education first, you can do all of this and save money.

Pick your new language, choose the country and enjoy!!!

EF, Education First, founded 1965, is the today´s world’s leader in private education

You have a lot to choose from!
7 languages,
41 Destinations
in 16 countries.
So that you learn and speak your desired language faster and smoother!
All campuses and schools are fully owned & managed by EF.
In case you want to learn or improve your English you can do so “down-under” in Australia, in case you like maple syrup Canada the right choice! How about Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, USA or the UK?

What is the most important word in your life?
In how many languages can you say it?

With EF you have a chance to learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese!
Save up to 1500 AED with your ISIC Card!

Enrol in 12 weeks Intensive English Course in EF London, Cambridge or Oxford and save up to 1500 AED, now!

Original price is 31000 AED.

For more information visit www.ef.com

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