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Get Involved! Take Action! International Youth Photo Competition

Do you like taking photos?
If yes, this is your chance to win!
The ISIC in cooperation with UNESCO Youth Proramme, announces an international Get Involved! Take Action! International Youth Photo Competition.

The competition is held in recognition of the 9th UNESCO Youth Forum taking place in Paris from 26th to 28th in Paris.

What can you win?
All entries have the chance to win:
1st place: 500 Euros
2nd place: 200 Euros
3rd place: 100 Euros Plus
1 of 20 International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) or International Youth  Travel Cards (IYTC)

Who can participate?
Anyone aged between 15 and 30 can take part in the Get Involved! Take Action! International Youth Photo Competition.

What are we looking for?
Now, more than ever, young people just like you are the real change makers.
Tell us your story: show us what taking action and driving sustainable change means to you!

Some ideas: It could be a photo capturing urban farming or green space initiatives, an image catching your experiences with sustainable travel or tourism, getting involved in advocacy work for sustainable development, a picture of you and your friends taking part in a local sustainable community project, or a photo illustrating an innovative idea, initiative or project that benefits sustainable development in your community.

Questions to consider:
• What can we do to address climate change?
• What should sustainable travel & tourism look like in the 21st century?
• How can we make our food production more sustainable?
• How can we spread awareness on sustainable issues in our communities?

To give you further ideas on sustainable thematic areas, go to:

Send us your photo
Simply send your photo* a short description of your image (50 words or less), your age and where you’re from to either to ISIC Global Facebook Page inbox www.facebook.com/ ISIC.GlobalOffice or by emailing competitions@isic.org.

*The minimum size requirement for submitted images is 675 pixels x 900 pixels, or 400KB.
All entries must be received by 12:00pm (CET) Friday 06 November 2015. You can submit up to five (5) entries. By submitting an entry you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Competition. Get your entries in early and have your photos featured at the forum!

For further information visit: www.isic.org

Complete competition conditions: https://www.studentcard.ae/unesco-photo-conditions/


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