8:30 - 16:30

Illuminations – Explore Our Mind Body Energy Services & Discover Your Unlimited Potential!

Illuminations Well-Being Center inspires you to maximize your potential! We are gifted with inner resources such as our mind-body and energy to create the life we want.

When we hold on to stress, fear and negative emotions, we limit ourselves. When we learn to tap into our infinite inner resources and release our fears we can achieve greatness in every area of our life!

Illuminations empower you to live your unlimited potential through offering holistic healing services which include:

Daily Meditations & Yoga Classes
Self Empowerment Workshops & Mind Power Training
Private Healing & Therapies such as Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing to release stress, addictions and negative thinking
Certified Holistic Healing Training Education

ISIC Offer:

15% Off Daily Meditations and Yoga Classes

15% Off Private Consultations on Holistic Healing based on the Mind body and Energy

15% Off Self-Empowerment Workshops on Health, Career and Goal Settings


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