8:30 - 16:30

Your Wok in 3 Easy Steps!

“Wokyo is a noodle bar with the mission to explore the great noodle tradition of the Far East.

The idea is to bring the exotic flavors of street food stalls and back alleys, the show and the freshness in a simple way to our customers.
We prepare your wok in front of your eyes in matters of minutes for the food to retain its natural color and to keep the texture, vitamins, minerals and nutrients intact.

It´s easy with only 3 steps. Choose your flavor, choose your noodle and choose your protein, and if you want, top it up with your favor

ites. If you are craving for more, there’s plenty of side dishes to choose between to both please the heart and the stomach. The options are endless and the dishes timeless.”

“Wokyo aspires to become the obvious choice for noodle lovers.”


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